European Council priorities

European-CouncilEuropean Council has, among the others, the task to fight the crisis and to help the EU to find its way to recovery from the financial disaster occurs during the last 4 years (since 2009, first year of EU crisis). Here is the main focuses of this european body.

EMU, Economic and Monetary Union. The European Council is concerned about the future of the euro as currency. To do so and to guarantee euro survival is important to better integrate the banking sector, the fiscal sector and the economic policy.

Growth for employment. One of the main trouble crisis bring to Europe is unemployment. Although there are some countries (such as Germany or those in the north of Europe) which does not feel too much this problem, thanks to low unemployment rates, there are other (such as Spain, Italy, Ireland and Greece) which are very concerned about this matter. This is why is important, both at a european level and at a national level, to find out the best solution.

Innovation. There will be no recovery from crisis without innovation. That means think what can be done in the future to ensure more economic growth and more cohesion among members, especially, as said, in the bank sector.

Europe in the global scheme. European Council is interested also in keeping european image in the world. Regarding european neighbourhood this body take care of relations with those countries, both in the Arab and in the african worlds.

Defence. European Council also look at defence of Europe, in particular regarding the development of a unique military force.

To follow all those point the European Council meet more than once a year. Efforts and co-operation are required to all member states, only on that way all the tasks can be tackled.

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